Comments on RSRL FAQ

Comments on RSRL FAQ

Post by Vibrating Bum-Faced Goa » Thu, 24 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Gordon Baxter said in e-mail:

>The FAQ looks pretty good to me though.  How often will it be updated?
>Many FAQs get an *official* update once a month, or once a quarter,
>which helps to optimise the admin involved with updating it.  It's
>probably worthwhile spelling out the policy ofr updates in the FAQ

To which I replied there and have replicated here for everyone:

This is only a draft which I thought I'd mentioned in the FAQ but,
looking at it now, I see that I haven't. It's decent enough to my eyes to
be released so I thought I would and alter things as per requests or when
errors are pointed out.

This is an 'official' FAQ in that it has been submitted to the RTFM
maintainers for inclusion in the usual FAQ repositories around the net.
It replaces completely the old FAQ I used to maintain and let slip and it
will be automatically posted on some random date (yet to be chosen) of
each calendar month.

It will also be on the RSRL web site
( and I'll send Geff a copy
for inclusion there whenever it gets updated. I'm not sure what access
speed to U-Net from down under is like but, with the location of the
server, it should be pretty good to the League Express web site so I can
put a copy on there as well if U-NET seems slow to Oz. This is unless
someone down there can mirror it of course (please)?

It will be updated whenever I think of something useful to go in there,
whenever someone (anyone) supplies something that could usefully find a
home in there or whenever someone asks a question frequently enough. The
latter has never happened in my five or six years or so of*** around
RSR and RSRL so I suspect it never will.

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