what is this guy on?

what is this guy on?

Post by <a.. » Tue, 18 Mar 1997 04:00:00

>Mugwump my name is Rex,

>Saints won because of the SL world wide ***. If you poms had lost
>it would stop the sad 1,000 people going to your games. The fact that
>Saints, Bradford and Wigan kicked Aussie butts is just proof that Aussie
>teams are better and the 65-0 victory of Wigan over Bulldogs just proves
>what a broken down fool Gill is.

>By the way Gill's three tries against Brisbane just prove how slow the
>man is, the cover defence over ran him thinking he could run as fast as

>This whole WCC contest and the record crowds it attracted has just
>underlined what that the ARL is best and could beat all SL teams with
>only six or seven reserve grade players.    

>My failure to bet on the outcome of the WCC contests has been fully
>vindicated by the results and actually prove I have lots of bottle and
>do not have the temperament of a Sand Worm.  

>Lets face it any ARL has more appeal than the olympic games and the
>soccer world cup and the fact that so many broken down players play at
>London just prove it.

"My hovercraft is full of eels"
Can anybody help this guy?  Can anybody sell me a pint of what he's had?  

PS If the Broncos can sort their handling out and replace Offiah with a
decent RL player they will be shit-hot this season.  Congrats to Saints
on a hard-fought win - I bet you were all singing "Offiah, Offiah,
Offiah" on the bus back.  

Andy Dawson -  (*:} Try this:  3 parts Tequila, 1 part triple sec(Cointreau,
Curacao,any orange-flavoured liqueur),juice of 1 fresh lime, lots of crushed
ice. Serve in a chilled glass with the rim dipped in salt. It should be
illegal for something this strong to taste this good {:*)