World Class, Booze Enhanced Pick 'em Show-Week 5

World Class, Booze Enhanced Pick 'em Show-Week 5

Post by Scott I. Ferrel » Fri, 24 Sep 2004 14:02:37

A small return to normalcythis last week. Teams that should win did and
LSU returned to earth.

I'd like to take this opportunity to call out whiners like Trev Alberts.
Look, the referee made a horrendous call, but it then becomes necessary
that the defense sack up and STOP THE OTHER TEAM. It's not like
Tennessee only had to go 10 or 15 yards to get into field position.

Ok on to business.

Last Week: 46-11
Season: 144-34

North Carolina State at ***ia Tech

The good news for ***ia Tech is that they will finally play a good
team from their new conference. The bad news is that NC State's defense
is pretty good. I am basing this on the Ohio State game so maybe I've
been Rathered. ***ia Tech does have a better offense than the
Buckeyes, so the 'Pack D will get a stiff test. I expect a low scoring
game, so VT's vaunted special teams are likely to have a say in the

HokieTurkeys over Wolfpack 17-13
Miami thunders over Houston 31-3
Louisville over UNC-Cathedral Hill 35-20
Bowden, Sr. over Bowden, Jr. 20-13
Maryland over DOOK! (Remember, it's not hoop season) 28-7
Boston College over Wake Forest 22-17
***ia peels Orange 41-16
UCONN over Army 35-17
West ***a should really be embarassed 55-0
Pitt should too 65-0
Toledo orbits Temple 14-10

Iowa at Michigan

When do these bassturds rotate off the schedule? I miss Penn State. Two
losses in a row to the Hawkeyes really bug me, however I admit that in
2002 Iowa was just better than Michigan. Last year, it was Michigan
screw-ups. As for 2004, Is Iowa as bad as 44-7? Is Michigan as
vulnerable as they look? Will Henne take a quicker knee? Questions,
questions, questions. I think that the Michigan defense uses this game
to make a statement. Hopefully a good statement.

Wolverines over Hawkeyes 24-13
Green over Red 13-10
Ground Gopher over Purple Pussies 45-21
Air Orton over FIRE RON TURNER ALREADY! 51-10
Penn State over BADGER! 19-13
Texas Tech at Kansas

Texas Tech scored 70 points in a 37 or so minutes against TCU. Kansas
lost to Northwestern. Ye Gods.

409th Texas Air Squadron over Kansplat 55-21
North Texas over Baylor 10-7
Texas over Rice 45-21
Cincinnati over Puce Pirates 47-17
TCU over USF 27-17
Memphis over Alabama (the other one) 31-21
Southern Miss dries up the Wave 41-15
Navy sinks Vandy 28-13
NOT FIRING TY...YET over Seattle JuCo 38-10
Akron zips the Flashes 21-17
NoIll over BigSue 24-21
Directional Michigan over Directional Illinois 10-6
Just plain Ohio over Buffalo 31-7
Oeste Michigan over Letterman State 44-21
BYU at Boise State

The one thing that Boise have over Provo? *** shops and ***.
Now that I've angered the LDS contigent. BYU beat ND, then got whacked
by both Stanfraud and U$C. Either Stanfraud and U$C are really good or
BYU got lucky and really suck. Either way, it won't really matter. Boise
can score on pretty much anyone and breaking 40 shouldn't be a problem.

SMURF TURF over Which wife are you? 49-21
Colorado State vents frustration on Montana State 56-6
Los Azteca over Less fun Nevada 24-21
Utah grounds Air Force 37-10
More fun Nevada over Utah Aggiez 21-7
Why is Mississippi playing IN LARAMIE? 44-7 (Rebs win)
New Mexico beats their Aggies 35-31
Oregon enjoys some baked Russets 51-17
El Diablo over El Beaver 35-17
Washington State over 'Zona 19-7
U$C over Stanfraud 31-13
Florida beats Kentucky senseless 55-7
LSU over Mississippi State 34-10
PIG SOOIE! over DPU 17-14
Ass Kicking Chickens over Troy 34-16
Auburn should really be ashamed 66-0
Tennessee over LA Techque 41-28
La-Cajun over Middle Tennessee 45-41
Indians (Arkansas) over La-Indian 31-28
Tulsa cruises over SWMO 44-13
SMU over SJSU 6-3

That's 51 games. I sent this at 1:01 am on Thursday, September 23, 2004.
This is is case Roadrunner loses this until sometime next week.

Have fun!



World Class, Booze Enhanced Pick 'em Show-Week 5

Post by Andy Atkinso » Fri, 24 Sep 2004 21:37:55

Begone!  Possess My Ductwork No More, Scott I. Ferrell!

> A small return to normalcythis last week. Teams that should win did
> LSU returned to earth.

At least they get a gentle landing...

> LSU over Mississippi State 34-10


1. Miss. State will not score 10 points against LSU's cheerleaders.  
This was *proven* last weekend.

B. LSU will hang 35 on the puppies before the coin toss to start the

4. Dude?  It's Mississippi State fergawshsakes.

Andy Atkinson - 29.5 for the line is a joke

Your wisdom is surpassed only by your ignorance.

It could be worse: you could be a Miss. State fan.


World Class, Booze Enhanced Pick 'em Show-Week 5

Post by Dave Frie » Fri, 24 Sep 2004 23:38:27


> Air Orton over FIRE RON TURNER ALREADY! 51-10

Sadly, this is *so* true.



World Class, Booze Enhanced Pick 'em Show-Week 5

Post by Denni » Sat, 25 Sep 2004 03:23:04

when they said:


>> Air Orton over FIRE RON TURNER ALREADY! 51-10

>Sadly, this is *so* true.


nah we'll let you get to 14....


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World Class, Booze Enhanced Pick 'em Show-Week 5

Post by la ira de Dio » Sat, 25 Sep 2004 03:34:09

"Scott I. Ferrell" <...>

> U$C over Stanfraud 31-13

How's Leinart going to beat out RIXX for the hypesman if he only
racks up 4 TDs and a soda? Are you just predicting the first half
of games now?