IRC discussion...Directions to IRC

IRC discussion...Directions to IRC

Post by kin.. » Sat, 13 Aug 1994 00:49:00

Okay for those of you who wanted to get to IRC so you could talk some football
he is the easy foolproff method to get there.

First of all you have to telnet and here is a list of sites that should work,
if one doesn't work try another one: 7766 6677 6996 6969

okay once you have telnetted to one of those sites there will be some
introductory garbage just follow the directions.
once that stuff is done scrolling down type     /efn  
after typing  /efn then you type  /join #NFL
that will bring you to the NFL channel everyone try and do thid today because i
will be in IRC and will be able to help you with any questions once you are in.
By the way mark sure you use the slash marks.
Well i hope to see a whole slew of new people later today

john king