Dolphins News: Rashaan Salaam Trade Voided

Dolphins News: Rashaan Salaam Trade Voided

Post by Curt Fennel » Sat, 25 Apr 1998 04:00:00


        In what may go on record as the shortest lived trade in Miami
Dolphins' history, the Dolphins announced today that they were voiding
the trade that they had made with the Chicago Bears for running back
Rashaan Salaam.   Salaam will now have to remain with the Bears.

        In a statement today, JJ said that after looking at Salaam,
the Dolphins felt that he was not 100% at this time.  Without being
exact about it, that appears to mean that Salaam failed the Dolphins'
physical on reporting to camp in Florida.

        Salaam did suffer a serious injury last year with the Bears
and only played in the first 3 games of the year for them.  He
suffered a broken right fibula and torn deltoid ligament in his ankle
on Sept. 14 and sat out the rest of the year.

        Salaam was entering his 4th year in the league, but has been
plagued with injuries and has only played in one full season.  The
Dolphins had traded a conditional 7th round draft pick for him, but
will now get that pick back.


        Well, that was quick!  I guess Salaam had not healed from his
injuries last season and JJ wasn't ready to wait for him to get

        That's probably just as well.  Salaam has not had a great
track record in the NFL and has suffered from the "Heisman curse" for
most of his professional career.  

        Of course, this will allow John Avery, Lawrence Phillips and
KAJ that many more carries in the competition for the starting job
this year, which isn't bad.  It's also possible that Ray Nealy may be
moved back to running back, but given the lack of depth at fullback, I
doubt that will happen.


ESPNet Sportszone: Dolphins nullify trade for Bears' Salaam


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