John Edwards on John Kerry

John Edwards on John Kerry

Post by Cornhuskeres » Thu, 08 Jul 2004 17:13:06

This profoundly anti-Kerry endor***t is STILL the front page on John
Edwards website. It pays to update your content...

The Mesabi Daily News today endorsed John Edwards for President. The full
text of the endor***t is below.

We endorse: Edwards
North Carolina senator would be best candidate for Democrats in November

When Democrats caucus this week in Minnesota they will be on the national
political radar screen as one of 10 states where presidential primaries and
caucuses will be held.

The results will go a long way toward deciding who will be the Democratic
presidential nominee in the November election.

We hope Minnesota DFLers give a strong boost to the John Edwards campaign.
We believe the North Carolina senator would be the best candidate to carry
the Democratic Party's banner against Republican President George W. Bush.

We definitely feel he is the strongest of the four remaining candidates.

Sen. John Kerry is the clear favorite and at this point will be hard to
beat. But Edwards more than rivals him in many ways and on many issues. We
are also very troubled by how out of touch Kerry was with an economic
development project - the proposed Excelsior Energy power plant that holds
the potential of 1,000 construction jobs and 500 permanent jobs - on the
Range. An energy bill currently being debated in Congress contains, because
of the hard work of Sen. Norm Coleman, R-Minn., $800 million in federal loan
guarantees for the project that could serve as a vital catalyst for private
investment in the $1.2 billion clean-energy coal gasification plant. Kerry
was one of five senators who signed a letter last year calling the provision
of loan guarantees for the Range project "pork." That's bull. To sign such a
letter at the same time he is campaigning on investing in new jobs in the
country makes him, on that issue, a "walking contradiction" - which is a
label he has given to President George W. Bush.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio speaks with sincerity the language of the
American worker. We applaud him for bringing that passion to the campaign.
If it had not been for Kucinich, we do not believe Kerry and Edwards would
now be speaking as much as they do about the grossly unfair loss of U.S.
jobs overseas. Kucinich also has a hands-on knowledge of just how
devastating illegally subsidized imports have been to the steel and ore
industries. But the reality is he currently has two delegates - one being
himself. He will likely finish the campaign with but a few more.
Presidential nominee? No chance. Position in a future Democratic
administration in a trade or labor role? Absolutely.

The Rev. Al Sharpton is a hoot in the debates. He is quick with one-liners
and good-natured jabs. A black man, he also brings needed diversity in race
and life's experiences to the campaign. But voters, even in states with a
large black vote, have given his campaign little credibility. He's just a
bit too "Shady Grady" to even challenge double digit vote totals.

We like Edwards for several reasons:

* Trade: Kerry has been a strong supporter of the North American Free Trade
Agreement, which has helped to terribly constrict the nation's middle class,
from the start. He now is trying to position himself as someone who will
battle for fair trade and against the loss of American jobs. But he has been
part of the problem, not the solution. It's easy on this issue for Edwards
to say he would have voted against NAFTA if he had been in the Senate back
in 1993. He wasn't. So who really knows? But we believe Edwards does have a
better understanding of the embattled middle class. His upbringing and life
experiences - his father was a mill worker in North Carolina and he, too,
put in a stint in the plant, better puts him in touch with the everyday
worker. He has connected on the jobs and trade issue with voters in several
states. We believe he would continue doing that in a general election
against Bush.
* Electability: Kerry was the leader of the pack a year ago, then fell far
and fast behind former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean last fall and into the new
year, before doing a ***oline routine and bouncing back to the lead in the
days leading up to the Iowa caucuses and the days and weeks following. He
did so in large part because he was viewed as the most electable Democratic
candidate - and especially the most electable when compared to the often
erratic Dean. However, we believe that Edwards would be the most electable
for the Democrats against Bush. We believe he would give the Democrats a
much better chance in some border and southern states - such as North
Carolina, Tennessee, Missouri, Georgia and even Louisiana - that have become
fairly solid Republican presidential territory. A native son in the South,
we believe he would be a much more credible candidate there than would
Kerry. Edwards has also shown he can attract Independents and Republicans in
certain primaries - and the Democratic candidate will not be able to build a
November victory solely by rallying the party's core believers.
* Style: Edwards brings a refreshing can-do outlook to the campaign trail.
He doesn't just criticize with an angry tone - which has been far too
prevalent in this Democratic field. He talks about what we can do together
by being optimistic, not just negative. He exudes hope. And that is
something the country is always looking for, regardless the political party
of a candidate.
* Lack of Washington Experience: Too often, Kerry falls back into the murky
Washington bureaucracy. That can come with the territory when you have been
there for decades. That experience can certainly be a plus. But we believe
there is a strong need at this time for someone to come not as beholden to
that bureaucratic grip. Some would argue that Edwards does not have the
Washington experience to be president. However, history has often shown

It could very well be that after "Super Tuesday" Kerry will have built a
nearly insurmountable lead and his nomination will be inevitable.

However, we hope that is not the case. We hope that the Edwards candidacy
will gain enough strength on Tuesday to move ahead, either to win the
nomination or else to keep pushing Kerry to be a better candidate.

Minnesota Democrats can help make that happen on Tuesday.



John Edwards on John Kerry

Post by Andrew Smit » Thu, 08 Jul 2004 21:49:27

> This profoundly anti-Kerry endor***t is STILL the front page on John
> Edwards website. It pays to update your content...

I'll be voting for Kerry because of his piercing insight....

"The Rev. Al Sharpton is a hoot in the debates. He is quick with one-liners
and good-natured jabs. A black man..."