Looking for owners...Annex Fantasy Football League

Looking for owners...Annex Fantasy Football League

Post by J. R. Carte » Thu, 19 Jun 1997 04:00:00


If you'd like to be a charter owner of a new league, please


Here's the catch:

I've already pruchased the league management software with stat service,
so I'm only asking for ***$5 bucks*** per GM to defray all but $25
dollars of my total expenses.

A draft copy of the rules have been published at
http://www.comports.com/jcarter/ffl.html.  Quite an attractive web site
will sport the league; standings, schedules, rosters, top-tens, a chat
board, up-to-the-minute stats while games are in progress, and the
ability to make transactions on the web.  There is an email version of
most everything that gets put up on the web site.  The site will develop
as the league does.

I think you'll enjoy it.  Practically free!

Slots are almost gone on this 12 team league.  (Considering expanding to
14 teams).

If you are interested and vow to be an active participant, email me the
following info:

        1) Your team's name
        2) Your City and State
        3) Select an AFFL password (in order to make transactions on the web

Looking forward to hearing from you.  Ciao for now.


The Vanguard Annex Web Site:             http://www.comports.com/jcarter
Annex Fantasy Football League:  http://www.comports.com/jcarter/ffl.html

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