Post by TomBags » Mon, 10 Apr 2000 04:00:00

My leagues are returning for the year 2000!  I took a one year break last year
but will be back for next season.  I have openings in 2 of my leagues.  The
leagues are money (non-keeper) leagues.  All money goes to prizes.  I do not
charge any money to run the leagues.  Here are the leagues that I have openings
in for next year.  All my leagues are 12 team leagues that play a 13 week
schedule and 6 teams make the playoffs which are played during weeks 14,15 and
16 of the NFL season.  No games are played on week 17.  This is my 8th year for
running leagues and 3rd over the internet.   You need to have America On Line
to play as the drafts will be held there except for lombardi league which is an
email draft.

Bagman's FFL (League Openings)

Halas League $35 Winner Takes all (5 Openings) Live draft in August.
Walsh League (New League) $15 Winner Takes all (10 Openings) Live draft in

The league web page is http://home1.gte.net/bagman67/ffl.htm  this page
contains last years rules etc.. the rules for next year are similar but there
are some changes.. Team Helmets will be made free of charge for all teams in
all leagues.  My leagues are competitive and only want experienced players that
are serious about this.  I screen people before accepting them into the league.

  Let me know what league you wish to be in and also tell me about yourself as
far as FFL experience goes and your age.   I will then send you a copy of the
rules for next year and we will go from there.