Last One ---> Rip My Draft

Last One ---> Rip My Draft

Post by raidr_3 » Thu, 08 Sep 2005 12:05:05

Here's my final draft.  Picking 11th out of 12 teams, 6 pts for all TDs,
0.25 pts per reception, 1 pt for 25 yards rushing/receiving, 50 yards
passing, plus other "standard" scoring.  As usual, a mix of tough owners and
a couple questionable ones...

Where do I need to improve?  Rip it.

QB - Hasselbeck [7]
RB - K-Jones [1]
RB - Portis [2]
WR - A. Johnson [3]
WR - D-Jax [4]
WR - Driver [8]
TE - LJ Smith [9]
DEF - Tampa Bay Bucs [12]
K - Kaeding [13]

Arrington [5]
Fraud Taylor [6]
Duckett [11]
Stallworth [10]
Watson [14] (what was I doing?  a backup TE in the last round???)

The thought was, if somebody needs RB help, they've gotta come through ME.
Build up the RB depth and fill in with solid players at the other positions.
Don't spend too much on DEF/K.  Not really a unique game plan, but it looks
like it might have worked...