Still need three owners for (almost) free league

Still need three owners for (almost) free league

Post by Dylan Ginsbu » Sat, 20 Jul 1996 04:00:00

I'm seeking 3 more teams for the league I'm going to run. There are
only two things that I ask of you if you wish to play.

1. You are willing to pay $6-12 to cover the cost of software and/or a
stat service. I haven't decided yet whether I'm going ask for this.
But please be willing to pay if I do decide to ask.

2. You are committed to being involved for the entire year. I don't
want any dead teams.

So read the rules below and email me if you're interested. In your
email please include your FFL experience and how many other FFL's you
are involved with this year. There is no answer to either question
will necessarily preclude you from getting a team. I just want to

FYI, I have two years of experience in running a league.



Below are the most important rules. They're pretty standard. As you
can see, I haven't worked out all of the details. I want to make sure
that there is sufficient interest before I continue and some of the
items will depend on the players.

My goal is to have a friendly, fun league. I'm hoping that I'm not
going to have to enforce any *** rules (ie. lineups in on time). I'm
open to suggestions on everything although it's unlikely that I'd
change the scoring system or starting lineup format unless you're very
convincing. Also, let me know if I'm unclear or I've omitted anything.

The league will be comprised of 10 teams divided into two conferences.
Teams will compete in a head to head format. The top two teams in each
conference will go to the playoffs. Standings will be determined by
won-loss records with ties broken (a) by total points and (b) by the
NFL tie breaking rules.

The regular season will be 14 weeks. The conference championship will
be week 15 and the league championship will be week 16. I've excluded
week 17 since its common for NFL teams to rest players that week.

Offensive Players
6 pts - TD passed, rushed, or received
1 pt  - 30 passing yards
1 pt  - 10 rushing yards
1 pt  - 10 receiving yards
2 pts - 2 pt conversion passed, rushed, or received

Defensive/Special Teams
6 pts - TD
2 pts - Safety
2 pts - Interception
2 pts - Fumble recovered from the other team
1 pt  - QB Sack

3 pts - Field goal <40 yards
4 pts - Field goal 40-49 yards
5 pts - Field goal >49 yards

Both the QB and receiver get 6 points for the same TD.
Passing, rushing and receiving yards are tabulated separately and are
rounded down.

Starting Lineups
1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 Defense
1 QB, 1 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 Defense
1 QB, 1 RB, 4 WR, 1 K, 1 Defense

Team Composition
Note: The term players refers to offensive players, kickers and
defensive/special teams.

Teams will have a maximum of 18 players. How you comprise your team is
your choice. The only requirement is that you can field a starting
lineup each week with players THAT CAN PLAY IN THE NFL THAT WEEK. This
means players who are not on injured reserve and whose teams do not
have a bye that week. If you can't field a legal starting lineup, you
will forfeit that week's game.

The draft will be 18 rounds and will be done via some sort of
interactive means. I'm aware of two options for this: WebChat and IRC.
I'm not very familiar with either option so I'm hoping someone can
help me out on this. If not, I'm sure that I can figure it out.

I plan to hold the draft at 8:00pm EST on Tuesday, August 27. This is
an arbitrary date and I'll change it if all of the teams can agree on
another date/time. If no consensus can be made then I'll make the
final decision and only those who can make that time can play.
Hopefully, this won't be an issue.

The draft order will be randomly determined with a new order for each
odd round. The order of the even rounds will be the inverse of the odd
round that immediately precedes that even round.

Free Agents/Trades
You will have the opportunity to acquire free agents each week through
an email mini-draft. Email me an ordered list of players you want by
6pm Wednesday. I will hold a draft that will be ordered inversely to
league standings. For each round of this draft I will select the top
available player on a team's list. Feel free to give me rules such as
"my ordered list is x, y, and z but I only want one of those players".
If the acquisition of a player causes your roster to exceed 18, then
you must tell me, in that same email, what player you wish to cut.
Free agent acquisitions must remain on your roster for one week.

The reason I'm not doing the free agents on a first come, first serve
basis is because of me. I would have an unfair advantage because I, of
course, would always be first since I know what I want before I read

You can do anything you want with trading provided that you do not
exceed 18 players and you leave yourself with a legal lineup for that
week. As commissioner, I reserve the right to veto a trade. I don't
ever expect to do this. The only scenario in which I would is if there
is some grossly inequitable trade and it appears as the two teams are
in collusion to make one better. I can't see this happening in this
league because there's no money involved.

The only cost will be, possibly, to cover my expenses for software
and/or a stat service. I may just eat the cost myself. It depends how
generous I feel and what software and stat service I choose. If I do
charge a fee it will be between $6 and $12. I'll wave any fee if
you're a student because I remember what it's like to be broke.

Your payoff is the enjoyment of playing. :)

I'll probably use FFLM for the league management software. But if
someone has a compelling reason to use another package, I'd certainly
be interested.

Starting lineups must be emailed to me and ***IN MY MAILBOX*** before
the start of the first Sunday NFL game. There will be no exceptions.
Technical difficulties (my mail server went down!) will not be
considered a valid excuse. Because of this, I'd suggest mailing me a
lineup early in the week. You can, of course, change your lineup as
many times as you wish up until the first Sunday game. I'll give out
my phone number in case you want to make a change at the last minute
and aren't confident that the mail will get to me in time. I see no
other way to do this since timestamps can be faked. Again, I'm hoping
this won't ever be an issue.

If there is a Thursday or Saturday game then any players you wish to
start in those games must be in my mailbox by the start of the first
game that day. The rest of the lineup you can submit as normal.

If I don't receive a starting lineup then I will start the top scoring
players in each position on your team. If you can't field a legal
lineup then you will forfeit.

I will email standings and reports each week, probably on Tuesday
evening. If I feel motivated, I'll set up a web page. I'll definitely
do it if someone wants to do the HTML for me.


Still need three owners for (almost) free league

Post by john firt » Sun, 21 Jul 1996 04:00:00

       i am interested in joining your FFL. I  am a highschool student
from Philadelphia  Pa.  and have been looking for a league to join and
yours sounds like it will be a good place to start.  please email me with

                                           johnathan firth


Still need three owners for (almost) free league

Post by Michael S. Boyl » Mon, 22 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Hi, my name is Mike Boyle, i liver in Medford, Oregon. This will be my
ninth year playing fantasy football. I like to play for the winning, not
for the $. So the cost is no problem. I know of a pretty good chat room
where a draft could be held. It's called "Chatylyst", i could e-mail you
the url if you can't find it. I'd be interested in playing. I will play in
two leagues this year, the one we established 9 years ago, and another. I
do alot of trades and free agents. I'm 32 yrs old.
Let me know.
Mike Boyle