Anyone want to talk 5th s

Anyone want to talk 5th s

Post by Mark Wettste » Thu, 01 Dec 1994 01:14:00

 -=> Quoting Jamie R King to All <=-

 JRK> Who in the AFC can even consider criticizing the four time AFC
 JRK> champions?  Browns, Jets, Chiefs, Raiders , Dolphins whatever... you
 JRK> guys  still have to PROVE YOURSELVES.  You all talk a great deal, but
 JRK> then we  have to listen to the crazy ramblings in mid january of the
 JRK> Oilers (for  example) saying the Bills "don't deserve" a fifth straight
 JRK> SB.  If this  is true, why can't anyone in the AFC stop this dynamic
 JRK> team?


       Maybe it's premature, but I'll start predicting now.  The Bills
won't even grasp the playoffs this year.  They'll fall to third
place....maybe even fourth place in the AFC East.

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