Backup QBs & other Giant misc.

Backup QBs & other Giant misc.

Post by Larry Simmo » Sun, 30 Dec 1990 01:48:59

I thought it was interesting hearing the two sides***er over who is/was
better in the backup role: Reich or Young.

As it turns out, Jeff Hostetler became the NFC offensive player of the week.
He showed that he has a "gun" of an arm and can run the ball very well.
The opposition's defensive coaches will have to do extra work prior to playing
the Giants. With not much word about Simms' return, they will have to plan
for both a pocket passer and a scrambler. And Parcells will never tip them off.

In a side note, LT will manage a professional wrestler in a bout in mid
January. LT was quoted as saying that he will "beat up" the manager on the
other side of the ring if there is any interference.

You can bet that if the Giants are still in the playoff picture, the only
person who will pin LT is George Young.

Go Giants!

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