5-7 more owners for fantasy league (live auction) needed

5-7 more owners for fantasy league (live auction) needed

Post by psychic webba » Fri, 14 Aug 1998 04:00:00

here are most of the details....
anymore questions email ASAP!

fantasy league owners needed for league (12-14 owners total, we have 8)
live in person auction to take place on sunday august 30th in
Champaign, IL at high noon.  $50 for team ownership

this will probably be a keeper league
here is a run down of most of the rules

email me for other questions.

You can choose from the following type of offense to start each week:

Pro-Set      Run & Shoot             West Coast     2-Tight End

1 QB         1 QB                    1 QB               1 QB
2 RB         1 RB                    1 RB               2 RB
2 WR         4 WR                    3 WR               1 WR
1 TE         0 TE                    1 TE               2 TE
1 K          1 K                     1 K                1 K
1 Def        1 Def                   1 Def              1 Def

Each team MUST carry at least 1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR, 1 K, 1 Def.
the rest you can fill as you please, based on your strategy.

2.  Wait until the end of the season to nominate your franchise players.
And don't have anymore than 3 franchise players because any more then that
takes away from the next draft. Usually your top 2 players cost the most
anyway.  You can keep your franchise players for 2yrs after.  For really a
total of 3yrs.
3.  Trades.  Anyone for anyone.  But your 3 franchise players can't equal
more then the designated cap amt. Whatever the amount was for auction day.
Thus, it counts against you for the next draft.  You can keep Brett Favre  
4.  Free agents go back into the pool, they can't be franchise players.
5.  Also, once a player is labeled a franchise player he must remain so
unless he is dropped back into the draft.  Ex. I have Favre.  After the
season I name him my franchise player.  I keep him for the next season and
then after that season take the franchise label off of him and thus he
would go back into the draft.
6.  You can trade pts. from the next season's draft.  But again your 3
franchise players can't equal more then the original amt.
Ex. 100 Original Auction Amt.
I drafted Favre at (45pts.)
I drafted Davis at (45pts.)
I traded for T. Brown whose auction value was (35pts.)
(a rookie panned out and kicked ass and I ripped Finger off.)
*Thus, you can be over the cap only during the season.
I have another rookie - J.Webber who I paid 5pts. for in the auction, but
he's now kicking ass and I sell him to Pat for 50pts. at the end of the
I can't keep all 3 because they equal more than the 100pts. I can keep
Favre and Davis(90pts.) and still by the luck of the rookies still have
60pts. for the following season's auction.
7.  Or and it's been recommended that players not be traded for pts.
8.  Also, it's been recommended that the nomination of franchise players
have until draft day of next season to allow for off season injuries, etc.

the home page for this league will be on.....                  

Point System:

6pts. per rush/rec. TD
4pts. per passing TD
2pts. per ruch/rec. 2pt. conversion
2pts. per passing 2pt. coversion
1pt. per 10yds. rush/receiving
1pt. per 25yds. passing
-2pts. per INT/fumbler

5pts. per 50+ FG
4pts. per 40-49yd FG
3pts. per 39 or less FG
1pt. per Extra Pt.

10pts. per Shutout
7pts. 2-6pts. allowed
4pts. 7-13pts. allowed                        
7pts. 2-6pts. allowed
4pts. 7-13pts. allowed
1pt. 14- 17pts. allowed
1pt. per sack
2pts. per turnover (INT,fumble,safety,etc.)
5pts. per def. TD                                  

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