Need 4 owners for a 1st year money auction league

Need 4 owners for a 1st year money auction league

Post by Robert Jacob » Tue, 18 Jul 2000 04:00:00

Hi everyone, my league is looking for 4 more owners to fill out our 10 owner
auction league. Only $25.00 to play. 1st place gets 100.00, 2nd gets 50.00
and 3rd gets 25.00. Last place finishers get 50% off of next years entry
fee. Below are the rules of the league. If you are interested or want more
info check out our web site at:


       Win/Loss is determined by your overall weekly score in the following

2-pt Conversion 2 pts
Rec TD 6 pts
Rush TD 6 pts
Pass  TD 3 pts
Def  TD 12 pts
Passing Completions 5=1 pt
Receptions 5=1 pt
Rushing Attempts 5=1 pt
Rec/Rush Yds 10yds=1 pt
Pass Yds 20yds=1 pt
Interception (QB) -1 pt
Interception (Def) 4 pts
Fumble Recovery (Def) 1 pt
Tackle 1 pt
Sack 3 pts
Extra Point 1 pt
Missed Field Goal -1 pt
Field Goal(0-25) 2 pts
Field Goal(26-40) 3 pts
Field Goal(41-50) 4 pts
Field Goal(51-up) 6 pts

On the day of the Draft each owner will be allotted $125 draft dollars to
use in the purchasing of their 16 players. There is a Maximum Buy Out bid of
$25 on all drafts. Example:. If a player is being bid on and you really want
him then you can automatically end the bidding and purchase the player with
a bid of $25. After the auction has ended the draft dollars will be of no
use , so you are encourage to use all your money as they will not be used
again. Please see the sections on Transactions and next years keepers for
more important info.

Each roster has 16 players which will accumulate stats for you over the
course of this year's NFL season. 10 players start and 6 players are on the
bench. A full roster of 16 players must be maintained at all times. If, by
the deadline for roster changes for your league, you do not have a full
roster, then your team will forfeit that week. In other words, no players on
a team that do not have a full roster will accumulate points for the week or
weeks the team does not have a full roster.

You must draft 2 Quarterbacks, 4 Wide Receivers, 3 Running Backs, 2 Tight
Ends, 2 Kickers, 3  Defenders. You will start 1 QB, 2 RB's, 3 WR's, 1 TE, 1
K, 2 Defenders each week. You will have free movement of your reserve roster
and your active roster. Bench players will not accumulate points for your
team unless activated to the starting Roster. You have exclusive rights to
them should you want to promote them to starter or use in a trade.

The Ten team league will play 14 head to head regular season games. The
schedule will be available at your leagues home page after your league
conducts its Auction draft.

There will be 2 divisions of 5 teams each. The winner of each division plus
the teams with the 4 next best records will make the playoffs, which will
start in week 15. The two Division Champions will get first round playoff
byes. In the first week of the playoffs the teams seeded 3 and 6 will play
each other and the teams seeded 4 and 5 will play each other. In the second
week of the playoffs the team seeded 1 will play the winner of the 3 and 5
game in week 1. The team seeded 2 will play the winner of the 4 and 5 game
in week 1. The Championship will be played by the 2 teams winning in the
second week of the playoffs.

Playoff Seeding will be based on the overall record of each team at the end
of the regular season. Ties will be decided based on the teams record within
the division. If necessary, the second tie-breaker would be Total Points


Multiple Teams

In order to keep the leagues as competitive as possible, team owners will
only be allowed to have ONE team in a league. If it is discovered that two
or more teams are being operated by one user in the same league before the
draft occurs, the user must remove one of the teams before the scheduled

General Sportsmanship

If a user does not comply to general sportsmanship rules, 4-Sport reserves
the right to disqualify the user. If a user is found to be in violation,
4-Sport will contact the user for an explanation. Once the explanation has
been evaluated by 4-Sport, a decision will be made whether or not to
disqualify the teams in question or leave them intact. The final decision
made will be communicated to all members within the league in question. All
decisions by 4-Sport in this matter will be final.

Non Participating Teams

If a Team Owner is deemed not participating, such as not submitting weekly
rosters more then 50% of the regular season, and ends up winning a playoff
spot, that team will be disqualified from the playoffs and the next team in
line will proceed on.

If by the Draft Date you have not submitted a Draft list and you have not
informed the Commissioner that you do not wish to participate then your team
forfeits for the year. You will not receive a refund unless you have
contacted a Commissioner before the draft date stating you can not
participate and wish a refund.


In addition, each owner will be allotted 8 transactions to use over the
course of the season to pick up free agents. 1 additional transaction being
awarded to each playoff team and another one given to the two teams in the
Championship. Free Agents pickups will be given a monetary value for future
keeper consideration. All Free Agent Acquisitions will have the value of $4.
Also all players that are dropped will retain the value given to the player
at draft or free agent pick up. Example: Terrell Davis gets hurt, he was
drafted for $20.00. The owner drops him and picks up a $4.00 free agent.
Someone else picks Davis up. Terrell Davis is still worth $20.00 when
figuring out next seasons draft cash.

See the IMPORTANT MESSAGE in red below for more info on transactions and
your roster.....

If you draft a player that, during the pre-season, has a season ending
injury, which I define as out for at least 14 weeks of the regular season,
you will be allowed to pick up a free agent for the injured player with no
charge to your total transaction count.


Trades are also FREE!!! We encourage trading here at 4-Sport, as this
enhances the fantasy experience for all members. So we do not charge trades
against your transaction total.

We do however impose a 2 trade limit between any two owners. For example:
team #1 trades Rickey Watters and Brett Favre to team #4 for Peyton Manning,
Duce Staley and Ed McCaffrey. Then later in the season Team #4 trades Irv
Smith to Team #1 for Andrew Glover. Those two teams will be restricted from
any further trades this season.

Important Please Read and Remember...

All rosters will be frozen as of week 14 in regards to the next season. Any
Transactions used after week 14 will only count towards the Playoff and
Championship rosters during weeks 15, 16 and 17. This is to allow Playoff
and Championship teams to pick up backup players from the NFL teams since
starting players tend not to play in the last three weeks of the season as

All transactions and starting lineups are due by 12:00 PM PST(3:00 AM EST)
Friday night to take effect for that weekend, For weeks that have games on
Thursday the starting lineups must be in by Wed night at the same time..

Every Saturday the weekends rosters for every team will be sent to all the
owners. Every Tuesday The weekend standings will be emailed to every owner.

For updated status of all rosters, stats and schedules check out the web
site at:

Season Trading Deadline: Week 14.

Post Season Trades are allowed with the following condition. All players
traded during the post season become next seasons Keeper Players. If more
then 3 players are traded on a team then the first 3 traded players become
Keepers for next season. You may not trade a player in the post season that
you received in a post season trade.

Please review the trading policy in our FAQ.

Keeper Leagues
Each league at 4-Sport is a keeper league. You will be holding over three
players from your team at the end of the season. The Keepers values will
count against the next seasons Draft dollars for your team. Example: your 3
keepers value adds up to $47, next year your team has $125 draft dollars.
The $47 is deducted from your starting amount leaving you $78 to draft the
other 13 players needed for a complete team.
Also all keepers values will increase by $2 every year the player is kept.
Example: Terrell Davis was purchased for $20 in the 2000 season, He is kept
for the 2001 season so his value is now $22. He is then kept for the 2002
season and his new value is $24. The max value of any player will be $25.

If you do not want to continue with 4-Sport your team will be orphaned and
we will then invite others to take over Orphaned Teams. If you were deemed a
non participating owner you will not be invited back the next season and
your team will be orphaned and sold off to a new owner.

All keeper teams will be required to pay their entry fee by July 31st and
submit their three player holdover roster two weeks prior to the assigned
draft date. If your holdovers are not emailed to us by the assigned date,
4-Sport will select the players for you. We also ask that you notify us as
soon as possible, if you do not wish to continue so we can find a suitable
replacement owner.

If the majority of your league mates choose not to return for the following
season, 4-Sport reserves the right to terminate the league.

To purchase an orphaned keeper league team at half our regular price please
notify The Commish that you are interested in any orphaned Teams.

Thanx,      The Commish.....