we need one more owner in online/money league

we need one more owner in online/money league

Post by johnny238 » Sun, 11 Jul 1999 04:00:00

I apologize for the intrusion again.  My league had one
owner unexpectedly back out for this upcoming season due to
increased travel commitments at his job.  There is one
opening available in our league for a dedicated owner.  It
is a good league with real sharp, committed owners.  Some
of the details:

16 team league
auction draft
$200 entry fee
online league (draft, scoring, transactions, all done over
salary cap
50% keepers
TD/performance scoring

This is a new league for 1999 that consists of owners who
have competed against each other in various leagues in the
past.  We wanted to create a league that consisted of
only "***" type owners (nothing against the
casual/rookie fflers out there).  If anyone is interested,

mail you the league rules.  They are a little too lengthy
to post here.  Thanks.


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