Thanks Steelers! (Steelers 24, Montana 20)

Thanks Steelers! (Steelers 24, Montana 20)

Post by Rob Polins » Mon, 10 Jan 1994 15:24:29

See, that Krieg TD did us in.  DAMN!!!

Seriously, I want to thank the Steelers on an usual
had its highs and its lows but they played a damn good game
today and should have won.  But forget the could've, should've
stuff...the Chiefs and Joe did what they had to do to win.  That's
what makes them a step above them.  Maybe the Steelers will get
their act together and be more conistent next year.  I liked most
of what I saw today...why didn't it happen the entire season???

Well, I  hit the Steelers +8 in my Underdog Special Playoff of
the year.  Combined with my Lock Of The Year last week, my big
plays are on a roll!  I would've hit that 30-20 prediction
in the Lions (31-21) had it not been for that 100 yard INT
return.  But hey, enough should've, could've's.  The Lions
outplayed 'em, but the Pack won the game...

On the Steelers/Chiefs
Yeah, losing DJ Johnson is what did the Steelers in, but they
still had an opportunity to win without him.  Special Teams
killed the Steelers all season...AKA Browns - game 1, Broncos
(in the beginning), almost against the Dolphins, and now here
against Kansas City.  A blocked punt with three minutes to
go...inexcusable!!!  Arguers say that if you had Johnson, Joe
wouldn't have hit that last touchdown.  Well, the Steelers
should not have been in that situation in the first place.

I thought it was a poor call, though, kicking out DJ.  He should
be given a warning.  Throwing someone out in a playoff game is
a pretty gutsy call.  I was listening to the announcer on the
radio and they said:

"What if Joe would've kicked someone?"
Answer: "They would have given Joe a bigger shoe!"

which is probably true...

My analysis proved correct, as Montana got off to a slow start.
For some reason, he just does not play well against Pittsburgh.
He was overthrowing receivers...then the receivers were dropping
the ball.  Give credit to the Pittsburgh defense though.  They
were making KC's receivers fear them...

A 17-7 lead was most impressive...but the thing that did the
Steelers in was the 2nd half.

They get the ball up to the 50 and in KC territory and then
nothing.  A 24-7 lead would have blown them out.  Joe ain't
gonna be bad the whole game.  That missed opportunity gave
Joe an opportunity and boom!  17-14, we have a ball game.

IT was all KC in the 3rd...The Steelers did a good job
holding KC to a game tying field goal.  I don't know, maybe
it was the other way around, 17=10 and then 17-17, I
don't remember...

But the Steelers did a great job with a return drive of their
own taking the 24-17 lead.  Even then, though, I knew Joe
was on a roll.  At that point, I predicted a 27-24 game, but
I didn't know who would win.  Strangely enough, my prediction
came true.

The biggest screwup of the game was when Mills dropped the
3rd and 3 pass from O'Donnell on the Chiefs 34.  That would
have been the game winner.  Instead, it was goat #1.

Blocked punt was goat #2.

On 4th down, Joe works his Magic one more time.  It was his
first TD pass in the 4th quarter all year long.  Amazing!
St. Joe pulls through.  Tip your hat to him.  he was wide
open, the Cash man.

A mockery of the game was almost made at the end.  A Chief
picked up the ball off the ground and ran it to the 28, which
was a most definite incomplete pass.  However, Lowery missed
the 43 yarder.

In OT, the Steelers had their chance, but they blew it.  
They held Joe and then got to the 50.  O'Donnell then fired
deep on 3rd down and I have no idea why.  Gutsy call..he had
a good day though.

In the end, Joe was unstoppable.  Lowery hits the chip shot
and Joe pulls his magic once again, though most people lost
their $ $ $.  The Steelers (+8) rake in the dough, as your
fearless leader predicted, but lost the war...

Hats off to both teams for an excellent played game.  Hats off
to the Steelers for an exciting but disappointing close to
the season.  It would have been good to see the Steelers-Bills
rematch.  (I'm sure it would have been tight) and if they could
have got past that, a Oilers-Steelers AFC Championship would
have been something to watch.  (Remember '78, '79...those were
the days!)

But now it looks as if the road to the Super Bowl will be in
Buffalo.  I really don't give Denver or the Raiders much of
a chance, so Buffalo should host the AFC Chamionship (another
appearance by Buffalo in the AFC Title game)

Good luck to you, Oilers fans!  I know I've harrassed you all
year, but you have a damn good squad, possibly the best squad
around.  It should be a great game next week.  You beat 'em
once 30-0 and I expect you'll do it again.  Then off to Buffalo
for the revenge game.  Hey, someone's gotta knock 'em out.
Good luck...but watch out for Joe.  Just when you think you
beat 'em...poof!  Father time continues to work wonders!

At this point, I look for a San Fran-Houston Super Bowl.  We'll
see how it unfolds...

Vikings, Raiders tomorrow.  Take it to the $ $ $!!!

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Thanks Steelers! (Steelers 24, Montana 20)

Post by Clifford T. Tanak » Wed, 12 Jan 1994 03:20:50

I kind of wish the Steelers gave it to Hoge more in the game instead of
to Thompson, especially in the 2nd half when they were ahead.  Hoge has
had big games in the playoffs the few times that the Steelers made it
the past few years, and I think KC's run defense is pretty suspect.  The
Steelers were throwing quite a bit in the 2nd half, instead of testing
the waters with their ground game.