When I'm right, I'm right (was: Re: Duke, UNC having second thoughts

When I'm right, I'm right (was: Re: Duke, UNC having second thoughts

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> http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/tribune-review/sports/s_138972.html

Notice my assertions in the thread "about that Big East lawsuit against
the ACC" then notice the following passages from the linked article:

[re: my assertion that this suit doesn't have to win, it just has to
give cold feet to enough ACC members]

"We are being charged with acting in bad faith by colleagues at other
Big East universities," the Duke president wrote. "In order to feel even
minimally comfortable with voting for an action that will have serious
consequences for these peer institutions, I would have to be
considerably more positive than I am now that the decision is actually
the best one for our student athletes and for our conference."

[re: my assertion that the true threat of this lawsuit was discovery]

In another development, attorneys representing Big East schools suing
the ACC, Miami and Boston College filed a request yesterday to speed up
the discovery process in the lawsuit.

[re: my assertion that if Miami was saying one thing and doing another,
they could be vulnerable]

A source familiar with the lawsuit who spoke on condition of anonymity
told the AP the request stemmed from the discovery that the ACC, Miami
and BC were discussing expansion as early as January 2002.

The lawsuit contends Big East schools invested heavily in their football
programs in part because Miami president Donna Shalala made commitments
to the conference. The source said information gathered over the weekend
bolstered the lawsuit's argument that Shalala was making such statements
-- most notably, one on March 6, 2002 -- during the same time Miami
officials were holding secret talks with the ACC.