1995 final standings

1995 final standings

Post by david.cl.. » Fri, 17 Mar 1995 02:43:07

 > Not bad predictions, but I must agree, Philly will be a better team
 > than predicted, Maybe 10-5.  Dallas will probably take the NFC East
 > again but I think that the Redskins will be a different ballclub this
 > year too, just a hunch.  The Giants will be as predicted though. Being
 > a lifelong Giant fan it pains me to say that they will not be a .500
 > ballclub this season, especially with DM going to the Pats (that was

I tend to agree with you on this..I think Dallas (as much as it hurts) will
still lead the NFC East...i think that Philadelphia will pull it together
unlike last year when they should have been much better the last half of the
season and just exploded in poor play.  3rd will be the Cardinals...Buddyball
will never go far...4th will be the Skins with a respectible 7-9 (6-10?)
record.  Then the Giants...they Giants need a QB desperately.