12 Team League Starting Up...Annex Fantasy Football League!

12 Team League Starting Up...Annex Fantasy Football League!

Post by J. R. Carte » Tue, 17 Jun 1997 04:00:00


If you'd like to join a league (or make this your second league), please

Here's the catch:

I've already pruchased the league management software with stat service,
so I'm only asking for ***$5 bucks*** per GM to defray all but $25
dollars of my total expenses.

A draft copy of the rules have been published at
http://www.comports.com/jcarter/ffl.html.  The software creates quite an
attractive web site to sport the league; standings, schedules, rosters,
top-tens, and even a chat board and a email version of everything that
gets put up on the web site.  The site will develop as the league does.
Did I mention "a league chat board?"  Why, yes I did!  No need to link
up on IRC.  (I don't really want to do the draft on the chat board,
although it would be a neat idea and the draft could then be scheduled
at a later date.  The problem with that is that some people won't have
full time WWW access, but everyone must have email.)

I think you'll enjoy it.  Practically free!

BTW, there are only 8 slots left on this 12 team league.

Ciao for now.


The Vanguard Annex Web Site:             http://www.comports.com/jcarter
Annex Fantasy Football League:  http://www.comports.com/jcarter/ffl.html

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