Fantasy football contest with zero entrants! Win $1000+

Fantasy football contest with zero entrants! Win $1000+

Post by Scott Morriso » Thu, 02 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Hi everyone --

I got fed up over the last couple of years with big contest leagues run by
big corporations, so this year I decided I would host my own Fantasy
Football Contest on the Web at  ... go have a look and
forward me some comments on the site, which is currently in beta testing.

The unique but simple structure of the contest has:
 -- 3 interim prize periods and 1 final period --> 4 contests in one!
 -- unlimited trading during 3 times of the year for just 10 bucks and not a
penny more!
 -- $1000 top prize and over $3000 in total prize money
 -- ZERO entrants ... you'll have a real shot!  Official entries accepted
starting 8/1/98. is run by FFfans for FFfans.  Drop me an e-mail if
you'd like an e-mail reminder when contest entries are accepted for real.