Nebraska's only game of the regular season

Nebraska's only game of the regular season

Post by Mudd » Sun, 30 Nov 1997 04:00:00

On 25 Nov 1997 07:28:26 GMT, Theodore M Smith


>     So when Big Red fans looked west this week, it was still "Damn
>those people, with their mountains, their simple and humble pride,
>their skiing, their academics, their pro sports, their great
>outdoors, their theater and art and music, their whitewater, their
>high-paying jobs, their NFL-high football players, their shoulders
>always above the clouds."  

>     Everywhere you looked in Nebraska you would have seen a
>national record Big Red inferiority complex.  

It never occured to me before that you are a better person than me
because you live at a higher altitude. I see that now. Thanks. Wow,
imagine the character and culture of people who live in Nepal!