established money league..needs owners.

established money league..needs owners.

Post by Ff myl » Fri, 17 Aug 2001 10:10:38

   I got a friend that is having  trouble getting to this site so I'm
the add for him. Steve Foster is a honest and good commissioner. He is in my
new 200 dollar league which is long  filled. Hes online a lot and
has AOL IM.  "usnkcity" is his screen name. So if you want to talk to him
feel free to call  him by that or call him at home. He lives in Kansas City
and hes usually home at night.  He is also in  my nephews league "Truth
Commissioner. Wild Card Football." for the last couple years. A Good man. He
is looking for 4 or 5 more players to fill up his league. The rules are below.
you want Steve to send you an invite please use his email link at the bottom
of this page. If you don't like this add don't hold it against Steve; yell
at me.

Our league uses a Custom, Head-to-Head, Points Based Scoring System.

Offensive ScoringStat Name Value
PaTD Passing TDs 4 points each
Plus points for PaTD of yards
PaYd Passing Yards 1 - 500 yards = 1 point for every 25 yards

Pa2P Passing Two-point Conversion 2 points each
RuTD Rushing TDs 6 points each
Plus points for RuTD of yards
RuYd Rushing Yards 1 - 250 yards = 1 point for every 10 yards

Ru2P Rushing Two-point Conversion 2 points each
ReTD Receiving TDs 6 points each
Plus points for ReTD of yards
ReYd Receiving Yards 1 - 250 yards = 1 point for every 10 yards

Re2P Receiving Two-point Conversion 2 points each
FG Field Goals 3 points each
Plus 5 points for FG between 50 and 100 yards
Plus points for FG of yards
Plus points for FG of yards
XP Extra Points 1 point each

Defensive ScoringStat Name Value
BP Blocked Punts (DT) 3 points each
DTD Total Defensive TDs (inc. ST TDs) 6 points each
Plus 6 points for DTD between 40 and 110 yards
SACK Sack 1 point each
STY Safeties 6 points each
Int Interceptions 2 points each
DFR Defensive Fumbles Recovered 3 points each
YDS Yards Allowed 1 - 200 yards = 8 points

PA Points Against 0 - 7 points = 10 points
8 - 14 points = 7 points
15 - 21 points = 3 points
22 - 28 points = 1 point
- points = points for every points against

Lineups must be submitted by one hour before the first game of the week.

Roster Limits
Your rosters must adhere to the following limits:
Limit Min Max
Active Players 9 9
Reserve Players 0 4
Injured Players 0 1
Total Players 0 14
Active Quarterbacks  2 3
Active Runningbacks  2 3
Active Wide Receivers  2 3
Active Tight Ends  1 2
Active Kickers  1 2
Active Defenses  1 2

Trades may be made at any time.
There is a trade deadline of week 12. No trades can be made after that time.
Adds and drops can be made by all owners in the league.

Type Cost
Entry Fee $100

Pick Team
1 Team 5
2 Team 7
3 Big Show
4 Sweet Chin Music
5 Steve's Stars
6 Iron Chef Football
7 Johnny Butler
8 ALan
9 Team 9
10 JP
11 Team 3
12 Team 10

League Rules
Please vote on which date would be best for you. As commish, I recommend we
do it on Saturday the 25th of August. You can do this from the home page on
the site. I will email all owners by the 15th of August stating THE DRAFT

Draft Order - Once all entry fees have been paided, we will re-generate the
draft order. The one on the home page is NOT correct at this time.

Our last week will be Week 13 of the NFL season. The reason we do this is to
allow 3 weeks for the playoffs. Although there are 17 weeks of NFL, most
teams who have already clinched a playoff spot(in the real world of NFL)
usually rests their All-Stars, so our last week will be week 16 of the NFL
season. Week 14 is the Wildcard playoffs (Division winners receive a bye).
So we will have only 2 teams playing on week 14. Week 15 there will be 4
teams playing (i.e. the 3 division winners and the one wild card winner from
week 14). Week 16 is our SuperBowl. Top two teams takes home the gold ( or
should I say cash?)

PRIZE PAYOUT The teams with the best records as of Monday December 3, 2001
(End of Week 13). Each Division Winner will receive $100. There will be 2
WildCard teams, these teams can come from any divisions, they are the teams
with the next 2 best records. WildCard teams receive $50. Other Payouts are
$100 to the team with the best overall record as of Week 13. The SuperBowl
Winner receives the grand price of $600 and the Suiperbowl runner-up gets
$100. So if you win the SuperBowl and Have the best record your max payout
would be $800. Good Luck.

League entry fees ($100). Must be received BEFORE you can draft your team!!!
League Fees need to be in the form of a money order or a personal check.
They need to be mailed to 8516 NW Waukomis Drive #812, Kansas City MO.

If there are any additional questions, contact the commissioner (Steve