stats, stats, and more stats....

stats, stats, and more stats....

Post by Marc Willia » Wed, 21 Sep 1994 21:55:30

As many of you already know (because many of you are subscribers to The Bull
Board), The Bull Board publishes stats in USA Today format which is ideal for
importation into several FFB programs.  But unfortunately, the main group of
people that this benefitted were FFB commisioners.

But now, beginning immediately, Bull Board members also get access to our
sports wire services - in virtually real time!  (Just a few minutes delay.)

Scores, stats, updates, previews, recaps, news reports, etc. are all available
to you, The Bull Board subscriber.

Is it free?  Nope.  Is it expensive?  Not a chance!

get member

to get the latest (and updated) membership info.  Even if you are among
the many who have already ftpmail'ed for the above info, you will want
to get this latest one describing all the new additions.