All this 'if's' and 'then's' -- get over it!!!

All this 'if's' and 'then's' -- get over it!!!

Post by Atila Barl » Sun, 22 Jan 1995 06:51:20

I don't understand why there have been so many if's and then's, whinings,
excuses, and so on from the Cowboys fans about their loss to the 49'ers.
Here is a sample list:

1. "If we had Jimmy Johnson,....."
2. "If we were healthy,......"
3. "If we didn't turn the ball over 5 times,......"
4. "If the field was decent,......"
5. "If the refs got the call on Deion at the 3 yard line,......"
6. "If we had better play calling at the end of the half,...."

The world does not revolve around "if this happened, then that would/could
have happened".  There are many factors that are simply a part of the game.
No one can guarantee that if all the above was true, the Cowboys would
have won.  The fact is they didn't.  If so, we would have to go back to
the last two years and come up with all sorts of excuses about the 49'ers
losses to the Cowboys.  Bottom line, the game is over with, the Cowboys lost,
let's see what happens next year.