Kickoff Stats (and Opinion on STATS Inc book) Wanted

Kickoff Stats (and Opinion on STATS Inc book) Wanted

Post by Charly Rhoad » Wed, 08 Feb 1995 04:27:33

I'm trying to separate opinion (even informed opininon)
from reality regarding kickoff distances.  

Does anybody know if any source exists for answering
the question:  How long did NFL kickoffs go this year,
and in years past?  The next step is to have a ranked
list of the average kickoff lengths for all NFL kickers.

I've noted that STATS Inc -- the group that provides such
valuable statistics for pro basbeall -- has a statistics
book now for football.  However, I've never seen the
book in person, only in adverti***ts.  Has anybody got
any comments on it?  I wonder if it might have the type of
info I'm looking for....

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