Dolphins News: First 1999 Mini-Camp Starts

Dolphins News: First 1999 Mini-Camp Starts

Post by Curt Fennel » Sat, 24 Apr 1999 04:00:00


        The Dolphins' first mini-camp of 1999 starts tomorrow, April
23rd, and runs until Sunday, April 25th.  For this camp, all the new
rookies will be available to practice with the team except for DT
Jermaine Haley, who is still under contract with the Toronto

        The team will practice once on Friday afternoon, twice on
Saturday and twice on Sunday.  The practices are open to the public
and the media and are free.  The Dolphins' training facility is at
Nova University in Davie, Florida and there is seating for 2500 people
in bleachers next to the practice fields.

        This is the first chance the coaches will get a close look at
the new Dolphins' players in a practice situation.  

        Following the close of mini-camp on Sunday, the players will
take a day off on Monday and then the Dolphins will hold their first
quarterback school of the year for the veterans from Tuesday, April
27th to Thursday, April 29th.   These practice sessions will also be
open to the public.


        If you've never been to a Dolphins' practice session or
training camp and you can go to one, I would highly recommend you
attend.  It's a lot of fun and you'll get a good feel for who is going
to do well this year.  

        There is no serious contact allowed in these practice
sessions, but you'll get to see a lot of the wide receivers and
defensive backs working against each other.   You'll also get to see
the players in a setting other than on the sidelines during a game.  

        Normally, after practice, some of the players will come over
to the fence and sign autographs for fans.  

        The only advice I would have is that you take a hat and
sunscreen and perhaps even an umbrella, because the bleachers aren't
covered and the South Florida sun is brutal, even at this time of the

        If you do go to the practice, I'd love to have your
observations about the players for inclusion in my reports.  I'll be
doing daily reports on the mini-camps with as much information as I
can collect.  I'll give you as much credit as you want and my eternal


Press Release: Dolphins to Hold Open Mini Camp


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