Subject Line: $389.00 FREE Membership & a FREE Lap Top To Use

Subject Line: $389.00 FREE Membership & a FREE Lap Top To Use

Post by rockie12 » Wed, 18 Apr 2007 23:23:43

Subject Line: $389.00 FREE Membership & a FREE Lap Top To Use

>From the Desk of the VP of Web Communications

A Texas internet based corporation has announced
the launch of a web based affiliate program that
will market multiple technologies to the internet
market place in 2006/2007.

This is a ground floor opportunity with NO START
UP COST required. This is a chance for you to use
your computer to begin earning extra income.

Generous commission plan and BENEFACTOR incentive
allows you to become a FOUNDING Silver affiliate
rep at NO COST!

Each benefactor will receive the following at NO

1. Starter "Silver CD Pack"

2. MULTIPLE websites for online promotion at NO

3. Monthly opt-in leads at NO COST!

4. Extensive online training at NO COST! And much

This is a chance to supplement (or EXCEED) your
current income, up to  $100,000.00 Yr.,  from
home. Start up costs have been 100% waived by the

** Free Lap Top To Keep/Use For Marketing ** This
company has created an incentive for those who
reach certain milestones. one of the incentives
is a FREE lap top to use for this home based
business and anything you choose to use it for.

Remember, there is NO COST involved for a $199.00
Silver Affiliate Rep slot thanks to our generous
benefactor program. Limited availability as noted

** 10,000 Slots World Wide ONLY **

Rather than market these technologies via
television and other media routes we have chosen
to utilize people to people marketing. We are
reserving this offer for the first 10,000 people
who take us up on this NO RISK offer first. By
not paying traditional media outlets for
advertising we are able to increase the
commission plan for our web affiliate reps.


To qualify for a benefactor slot you must go to
the link below and complete the form on the page.
NO money is required to start. (We have even
waived the cost of the $389.00 starter kit).

You will receive a confirmation email direct from
the CEO of the company within 1 hour of
completing the form at the page below.

Simply copy this code, ( VMS-A723105
) and insert it in
the voucher section at the bottom of the sign up
sheet at:

(Roxanne Johnson )

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