Rushing stats college vs. NFL

Rushing stats college vs. NFL

Post by Mpoconno » Wed, 01 Oct 2003 13:15:03

>When two or more runners carry the ball on a single play, who gets
>credit for the yardage? Is it computed differently in college than in
>the NFL?

I don't know about college, but when a lateral play happens in the pros, both
guys get credited for the yardage they carried the ball although the second guy
does not get a credited carry.  AFAIK, this does not apply to plays behind the
Line of Scrimmage where the QB is scrambling and laterals back to a RB who
begins running.  But in a play like an interception where the guy who picked
off the ball is about to be tackled and laterals it to another player who
continues running, both guys get credit for the yards they carried the ball.
The guy who intercepted the ball gets credit for the interception, and the
second guy who got the lateral gets credit for zero interceptions with the
return yardage he accumulated on his own, which makes for a weird box score.  I
figured this out when I logged in all the game by game statistics for the 2000
season for all the players, and would come across a defensive player who gets
zero interceptions for 14 yards.  After going thru the play by play it became
obvious that this is the way the NFL records a lateral.

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