Fantasy Football on t

Fantasy Football on t

Post by Richard VanMan » Sun, 04 Dec 1994 03:34:30

 Cw> I'm wondering:  are there fantasy football leagues here on the net?  
 Cw> There are several league up in my area, but I'm not sure of how allt
 Cw> he rules work out.  If anybody has some general Fantasy FB FAQs  I'd
 Cw> really appreciate them.  Its too late for this year,  but I am hoping
 Cw> to get my Middle School Students involved next year.  Any help or
 Cw> suggestions?
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   I thought the only reason for the internet was to play fantasy football!
   Seriously though, go over to and if you
   have telnet capability, telnet over to    I'm not sure
   exactly where it is in there but it should look something like this:
    /pub/usenet/    This is where the FAQ should
    be. Hope this helps and good luck next year!

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