keeper league needs owners in 1st year corrected

keeper league needs owners in 1st year corrected

Post by signal interrup » Sat, 17 Jul 1999 04:00:00

prize money in this list is correct

>it is time! teams will be first come first serve.
>if you are still interested in a team email me back immediately at

>i will save your space until your check arrives and is deposited.
>once your check has been deposited into the world league coffers your
>and place will be activated.

>we have hit the big time now!  we have an official world league account
>with CEFCU which is the credit union of the Caterpillar Tractor

entry is $50

>runner up will receive $100
>plus all six playoff teams will receive $50 each

>so this means that the superbowl winner will take home a total of $300
>the runner up will take $150
>and the other playoff teams will basically play for free (get their $50
>entry fee back).

>this will be a semi keeper league with 3 points per year available to
>the cost of keeping a player goes up each year starting at 1 point the
>first year.

>for example you got lucky and have three quality players, terrel davis,
>brett favre, & randy moss.
>you could either   keep
>all three players one year, then 2 the next, and one the third.
>or keep a stud like terrel davis alone for 5 years!
>but he would be it. this system gives everyone flexibility and prevents
>someone from keeping someone forever.  i really doubt anyone would try to
>keep davis 5 years.  this also makes trades more frequent.


>we will be holding a mock draft when everyone gets in!

>hope to hear from you soon.
>jason 'psychic' webbah