USA Today Draft (40 yd times)

USA Today Draft (40 yd times)

Post by Dave Jorg » Sun, 25 Apr 1993 08:08:12

        Just picked up Friday's USA Today with the draft listings. Some
of the numbers in it are really weird - can those of you with up-to-date
times confirm or dent some of these? Do they look weird to you?

        Lincoln Kennedy is listed with a 5.18 40 - yet, at his only
combined workout in Seattle, he ran a 5.4 time. Maybe he ran better in
private workouts for individual teams, but he didn't run at the combine
and I don't believe he's run any other public workouts. That workout was
only a month ago.

        Others: Roger Harper, S, 4.47 - everything else I have shows him
                              around 4.6. Could be a good late workout
                              time. At his size, and 4.47... wow.

                Rondell Jones, S, 4.38 (!) At 6'2", 210! Again, my other stuff
                                        has him at 4.6.

                Clarence Williams, TE:  4.48! That's faster than most of the
                                        wide receivers! At 235 lbs! 4.6
                                        would be flying for a TE.

                Deon Figures , CB, 4.45: He ran 4.6 at the camps, but I know
                                         he did improve his times later on,
                                         so this one might be on the mark.

        The funny thing about the USA Today list is you've got a lot of
BIG safeties, 6'2"+, outrunning the CB's in that list. An anomaly, to say the

        Specifically, I would like to know about Kevin Williams, RB, of UCLA,
whom USA TODAY has running only 4.6 and only 200 punds (everything else
I have has him at 210+ and 4.5 or better.

        Also, I'd like to know about George Teagues, S/CB of Alabama. whom
USA TODAY also has at 4.6 rather than 4.4-4.5 as others have stated.


Dave Jorgan