Holtz's pro aspirations

Holtz's pro aspirations

Post by Steve Eiswir » Wed, 19 Dec 1990 04:28:25

Being from St. Paul this is the latest on the Lou Holtz situation:

This past Friday (14-DEC) the NCAA stated that four people (Holtz,
Clem Haskins (current basketball coach), Paul Geil (former A.D.) and
Luther Darville (former asst. to the A.D.)) are being looked at for
past improprieties regarding financial help for athletes at the
University of Minnesota.  Darville is already doing hard time for
embezzling university funds.  Geil was pretty much run out of town
for playing dumb about the whole thing and denying he knew what was
going on behind his back (obviously b.s., Geil is a regarded as a
public fool by most people around here).  Haskins is denying all charges
against him.  Holtz's name around here, however, is mud to all but a few
people.  He's not highly regarded by most because of the way he handled
leaving the U of M for Notre Dame.  He came here talking about how he
was going to build a dy***, then, after receiving bowl bid, left for
Notre Dame.  He never said goodbye to his players, who felt tremendously
cheated by him.  The last time they saw him was when he got off a plane
in Indiana talking about how happy he was to be the new N.D. coach.

From what I've heard on local talk shows, Holtz is nervous because he
knows that he's guilty as hell for what they charged him with during
his time at the U of M.  There's a few local businessmen around
Minneapolis (the same group of wealthy ***s who pulled the strings
to get that abomination called the Metrodome built) who love Holtz
and can't wait for Mike Lynn to finally leave the Vikings so new
puppet owners can take over and hire Holtz as Vikings head coach.

I've also heard that Holtz has talked about the Tampa Bay job; although
I heard that Bill Walsh is practically a lock for the T.B. job next

In case you're wondering about Jerry Burns, he will undoubtedly be
pressured into resigning after the fiasco season the Vikings put in.
IMHO, it's not Burns they should get rid of, it's the overpaid,
excuse-making, gutless S.O.B.s with names like Walker, Wilson, Carter
and Jordan that should be ridden out of town.  Those guys stole their
paychecks at least 60 percent of the time.  


Holtz's pro aspirations

Post by Mike Zay » Wed, 19 Dec 1990 22:48:23

> I heard that Bill Walsh is practically a lock for the T.B. job next
> year.

Is this true!? Any comments from either bay area (thats, Tampa Bay and
San Fran Bay)?

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