Fred Barnett -vs- Calvin Williams

Fred Barnett -vs- Calvin Williams

Post by Doug Oliv » Thu, 30 Dec 1993 03:57:17


>For several years now in Philly, Fred Barnett has been putting up better
>numbers than talented #2 man Calvin Williams.  This year, however, with
>Barnett out for the year with a leg injury, Williams has been having a
>acreer year (I think he has 9 TDs now).

Does anyone know for sure how many TDs Williams has this year?

>-=-Chet Zeshonski
>GM, St. Louis Stars

Williams is too difficult to figure.  Although his 9 TDs look above average,
he has one game with 3TD, and two games with 2TD.  So in the other 12 weeks
he has 2TD.  

Williams has 9, 4 and 7 TDs the past three seasons.  Barnett has
8, 3 and 6.  Barnett has always beat Williams in yards but the TDs speak for
themselves.  So if you are speaking in terms of Barnett looking better on
the field, or jumping better, or slamming the ball better following a TD,
or having a better build than Williams that's one thing, but don't be
confused into thinking Williams can't get the job done.

Randall no doubt likes to throw to Barnett more.  But TDs are a telling stat.
And in my book Williams don't play second fiddle to Barnett or anyone else.  
Although, his streakiness does drive me nuts.

I have tried, in the past, to draft both these guys as my starting WR.  With
Cunningham, Barnett and Williams healthy there is no better combination in
the NFL.

Just my 0.02.