NFL's Kevin and Buddy (was Re: Oilers A**hole fans !)

NFL's Kevin and Buddy (was Re: Oilers A**hole fans !)

Post by jo.. » Wed, 12 Jan 1994 13:57:42

>For a solid week I have heard nothing but hate from Oilers fans via
>hate E-mail and being confronted in stores when shopping for food.
>Sat., Im in a store with my Cowboys jacket on and a woman comes by me and
>says "Well thank god you won't be wearing that god da*n jacket any more"
>I replied "excuse me ?" she said "After the Oilers win the Superbowl you
>won't be wearing theat fu*king jacket any more" of course I replied "Why
>don't you try and win something before you start running your mouth"

I'll bet after that woman left the store she put a hit on her daughter's rival
on the cheerleading squad. ;-)  Referring to a certain playoff game last year,
when you (Oilers) ***against a team famous for *** (Bills), what does
that make you?  I don't like the Cowboys any more than I like the Oilers,
really, but the Pokes do come through when the stakes are high, at least...

>Stay tuned for the Kevin and Buddy Show where Kevin admits he's pregnant
>with Buddys lovechild

Kevin and Buddy...the NFL's answer to Beavis and Butt-Head.  "...Next, Buddy
touches Kevin's inner child..."

Wait a minute...Mike Judge is a Texan...hmmmm...9-)

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