Fantasy League seeking owners -- FULL SIMULATION LEAGUE NOT PT BASED

Fantasy League seeking owners -- FULL SIMULATION LEAGUE NOT PT BASED

Post by Joseph V Szta » Sat, 25 Mar 1995 03:41:10


   Ok .. some of league spots are filling fast, so here is another post.

I am starting a league that will not use pro players and is not dependent on
pro season being played.  We will play year round.

COmputer creates names and each player has skill ratings.  As owner your first
goal is to pick a city from which your team will be based.  Then you name
team, stadium, and design stadium.

You will pick a full roster defensively and offensively, believe around 45-60
players in a draft with other owners.  This represents your new franchise in
the league.  You can modify team through trades, free agent signings, etc.

Skill ratings of players increase through training camps.  They decreas
with age(number years in league) and of course home and away games have different
affects on the players.

During season you can have computer simulate the games with a standard coaching
profile or answer a detailed questionaire based on situations that I feed into
computer and it will coach your team during the game by that.  Computer calls
each play on offense and defense during the game simulation.

Once a week you'll recieve a newsletter in mail (real mail) updating standings,
game results, stats, trade news, etc ...

During course of season you may have injuries and have to adjust your depth    
chart.  For example, linekbacker 5 on depth chart substains a knee injury that
will put him out for 2 weeks, he can play at a reduced level fo efficiency
or ya can ya bump him down to end of linkebackers till he healed then
move him back up depth chart.  You may also have players injuried to point
where you may place them on one of your injuried reserve slots.  And of
course the feared career ending injury which occurs seldom.

At end of each season, playuers on your team may retire from league.  You
then go through draft with the core of team that left and fill any needs and
a training camp and we restart.

I can run this for 15 dollars per team per season.  It is quite an intense
and competitive league and will be run through email, real mail, and probably

I will answer any questions, but do need a definite yes or no shortly.



Fantasy League seeking owners -- FULL SIMULATION LEAGUE NOT PT BASED

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