Dolphins News: Erickson In; McIver Out

Dolphins News: Erickson In; McIver Out

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        As reported yesterday, the Dolphins signed Craig Erickson on
Monday for a reported $1 million over the next 2 years.  Odds are that
Erickson won't play at all this year and will remain inactive for the
rest of the season.  

        To make room for Erickson, the Dolphins waived guard Everett
McIver, who was signed during training camp as a free agent.

        In other news, CB Calvin Jackson may be ready to play against
the Cardinals on Sunday if he can practice by Thursday of this week.
He sustained some cartilege damage in his right knee and ankle during
Sundays game against New England, but will reportedly try running on
it today to see if he'll be ready to go by Sunday.

        Safety Michael Stewart, who lost his starting strong safety
job to Louis Oliver in the offseason, took a pay cut yesterday to an
amount considerably below his previous base of $728,000.  The Dolphins
told Stewart that, as a backup, he wasn't worth as much as they were
paying him.

        Also, the Herald is reporting that just because Karim
Abdul-Jabbar had a fine outing on Sunday, doesn't mean that Irving
Spikes is automatically the second string back from now on.  JJ
apparently plans to use both backs this coming Sunday against the

        The Dolphins also waived Spence Fischer from the practice
squad and will sign a replacement in the next day or two.


        Erickson is seven years younger than Marino and was recruited
by JJ while JJ was the coach at the University of Miami.  Obviously,
JJ believes that Erickson might be a good candidate for QB of the
future and that is why he was signed to a 2 year deal to ride the


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