Looking for a few dedicated owners for a league!

Looking for a few dedicated owners for a league!

Post by Vinc » Wed, 25 Aug 1999 04:00:00

The All-American Football League is looking for a few good owners.  With a
franchise fee of $75, you, as an owner, will have the opportunity to compete
for weekly cash prizes of $10 for highest score and  $5 for second highest
score.  Season end prizes will be given for The Championship Winner,
Championship Runner-up, 3 Division Winners, Playoff 3rd Place Winner, Wild
Card Winner, and, of course, The Toilet Bowl Winner.  Trophies will also be
awarded to The Superbowl Winner and The Toilet Bowl Winner.  Prize fund will
be a combination of all franchise fees and transaction fees, less costs for
trophies.  Expected first prize will be over $225.  If you win the your
division and the Superbowl, you will win close to $300.

Some of the features the AAFL will be providing to team owners will be
weekly write-ups of games, previews of up coming games, betting lines based
on team strengths, weekly Real Audio reports of key match-ups and all teams
in playoffs.

If you are interested in joining the AAFL, head on over to the league
offices at http://aafl.freeservers.com and take a look at the rules, listen
to a Real Audio message from the commissioner, and let us know if you want
join.  Live draft, held in a non-java based chat room (works GREAT for AOL
users) will be held this Sunday, starting at 12:30, with the actual draft
beginning at 1:00.


Commissioner-All-American Football League