Running Back Help!!!

Running Back Help!!!

Post by surfer2.. » Sat, 27 Nov 1999 04:00:00

I'm in a league where we pick players to start every week. You can only
use a player once. I'm getting very low on quality running backs. I can
start two. One will be Tim Biakabutuka. The one that are left (total
rushing yards) are:
R. Watters
M. Alstott
A. Smith
W. Dunn
J. Linton
R. Smith
L. Hoard
N. Kaufman
A. Murrell
D. Bennett
T. Kirby
F. Lane
K. Qxendine

Any sleepers out there for week 12? Also, are there any web sites that
try to predict which player should have a good week? Direct emails are

 Thanks in advance,

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