running back help

running back help

Post by a.. » Wed, 27 Aug 1997 04:00:00

Hi everyone,

I could use a little help with my decision at running back.
I'm in a non-keeper basic performance league, 12 teams.
1 pt for 10 yds rush/rec, 6 pts for TD rush/rec
1 pt for 20 yds passing, 3 pts for TD pass

Here's my dilemma at running back(must start 2):

A Murrel
Bam Morris
L Phillips
T Wheatley
Leshon Johnson

Obviously, I start Murrell but I'm worried about Phillips. I
get to pickup a player for Bam Morris and nobody has Byner
or Tiki Barber(I already have Wheatley). Anybody got any
advice they care to share???


BTW: here's the rest of my team

QB: Testeverde
WR: Rice
    H Moore
    Rod Smmith
TE: Gonzalez
    Jason Dunn
K:  Wilkens
DE: G.B.

The only position I'm concerned with besides RB is TE. I sure
hope Gonzalez comes on fast because Dunn has looked horrible!!!
I'm loaded at WR and like my defenses. Kickers, who knows??
I like Testeverde providing his OL can protect him and Marino
is always a good middle-of-the-road fantasy QB.

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