Established League needs 2 owners

Established League needs 2 owners

Post by Barry Lyo » Tue, 05 Aug 1997 04:00:00


  Our league is in need of 2 owners. We are an established league (6
years now) with the majority of owners returning every year.
Unfortunately we do have 2 openings this year. We run an E-Mail draft so
you must be around for the entire month of August.

  There are 16 owners and we do protect players from year to year on a
Cap points basis. The 2 new owners would be assigned the vacant teams and
then be given the opportunity to protect who they wanted from their
roster. Both vacant teams were competitive last year.

  It is a performance scoring format that awards generously for uncommon
plays. Each team consists of a 20 man roster. So as you can see with 320
players drafted you will need to know your football.

  If you are interested, and please only serious inquiries (rookies may
find this

will try to get back to everyone if possible.

      Thanks,      Barry