Looking for a few GOOD owners

Looking for a few GOOD owners

Post by Half man, half amazin » Mon, 20 Aug 2001 02:26:29

2nd year redraft league that lost a lot of owners from last year who
have decided not to play again.

This is a 14 team league spread out over three divisions.  Very
competitive and fun last year, hoping for the same again.

Short time limit e-mail draft will begin shortly after the league is
filled... I urge joiners to fill out their draft cards when the draft
starts!!!  The quicker this gets done, the better...

Just sign up at fanball.com (free) and then click on the Exit 42 fantasy
leagues (also free).  The information for sign up for my league is

League name is Elite Fantasy Football League owned by me... EFFL is the
short name.  Hope to see you there!

Click Here For My Homepage

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Looking for a few GOOD owners

Post by WAFFL19 » Mon, 20 Aug 2001 10:30:38

Don't look for owners here, Trust me.