New Fantasy Football league looking for owners !!!

New Fantasy Football league looking for owners !!!

Post by J.S. » Sat, 15 May 1999 04:00:00

 Are you interested in joining a league that you can play all 17
weeks of the NFL season, not just 13 or 14 weeks ?? Are you interested
in joining a  league that awards you for having a great overall
team (measured by total overall points) not just your win/loss
record ?? Are you interested in      joining a league that
returns more than 80% of the fees ?? Tired of paying for all those
"extra" services the leagues provide (web site, voice response
system, fax reports...) ??

Then the No-Frills Fantasy Football League (N-FFFL) is for you.
This league is in it's first season and is      looking for great and
dedicated owners. For more information (including basic rules)
or if interested, PLMK. As bonus, the league members will
 be able to direct some of the rules of the league (like keeper vs
throwback vs dy***,..)

     Here is what you GET:

     - 12 team league, head-to-head competition AND total points
     - E-mail based draft
     - Timely and accurate E-mail reports
     - There will be only one big division (of all 12 teams)
     - There are no playoffs in this league. All the teams will play all

        17 weeks of the NFL season and have that count for thier
           win/loss record  and  continue to accumlate total points.
     RULE CLARIFICATION - Each team will play against one other team
           (head to head) each week like a traditional league. There
           are no playoffs in this league, so teams will play head to
            head for all of the 17 weeks. Each team will play
            every other team at least  once (and a few teams twice)
            during the season . This head-to-head is exactly like the
            traditional leagues. With a 12 team league,
           there will be 6 games each week.
     - Scoring (TDs, FGs) and performance (yardage) based
     - Over 80% cash payout
     - Team cost is   $75   per team
     - Payouts are:

     Weekly - Highest scoring team of the week - $ 10.00 (each week for
                              each of the 17 weeks)

     Best Record (at the end of 17 weeks) -
     1st - $ 250.00
     2nd - $ 75.00

     Most Total Points (at the end of 17 weeks) -
     1st - $ 180.00
     2nd - $ 75.00

     Again the only differences between this league and other
(traditional) leagues are:

     1. All 17 weeks count toward your win/loss record.
     2. Teams get money for having the most total points
     3.  No playoffs or divisions in this league

     I developed this league to incorporate those things I did not care
for in traditional Fantasy leagues. You know things like:

     "My current league has a payout of about 45-55% of the league fees"

In N-FFFL, the payout is over 80% of the league fees.

     "I pay for the league, yet only play for 13 (or 14) weeks." In
N-FFFL you play 3-4 weeks longer and have the opportuinity to get more
of the weekly cash prizes !!!

     "I have the team with the most total points, but every week I seem
to play the highest scoring team and so I have a 5-8 record and won't
make the playoffs (where the big money is)" In N-FFFL the team with the
highest total points will get a portion of the payout !!!!!

     "Its the super bowl (week 17), and all my guys are taking this week

off, and so I have to play my second string. While my opponent has
starters that are on non-NFL playoff teams" In N-FFFL week 17 counts
any of the other weeks toward your win/loss record !!!!

PLMK if interested