Jim Kelly's health

Jim Kelly's health

Post by Carol Miller-Tutzau » Sun, 06 Jan 1991 03:14:54

From "Bills Notebook" by Buffalo News sports reporter Milt Northrop

Meanwhile, quarterback Jim Kelly stepped up his workout program as
he makes his recovery from a knee sprain suffered in the Bills'
17-13 victory over the New York Giants three weeks ago at Giants

"Jim had a pretty good workout in the other room today," Levy said.
"He's making good progress."

Levy said he won't know for sure how ready Kelly is until the Bills
hit the practice field next week and the quarterback plants and
throws on the injured leg.

"That's provided they (the team's medical staff) tell us he should
do that," Levy said.  "He's going to do a lot of conditioning work
over the weekend.

"It started really yesterday (Wednesday).  He did a little more
today, a little more tomorrow, Saturday, Sunday, Monday.  Pick up
the pace each day."

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Jim Kelly's health

Post by Michael Carra » Sun, 06 Jan 1991 04:00:52


>    [Carol quotes a Buffalo News article]

I think this article appeared in Wed's or Thurs' edition of the News...
maybe there's been a new development since then? Maybe he was examined
Thurs and they found slower than anticipated recovery? (Remember Majik?)

The Bills could beat Miami with Reich. IMHO, they could beat the Chiefs
with Reich. But if they play Houston they NEED Kelly. Houston walked all
over the Buffalo D last time... only Kelly's explosiveness kept them in the

I wonder if the original poster (who so creatively put his entire text
in the 'keywords' line.. :-)) could elaborate on what was said?

Damn, I knew I should've watched ESPN last night!

Mike Carrato


Jim Kelly's health

Post by Carol Miller-Tutzau » Sun, 06 Jan 1991 04:25:32

The article I posted on Kelly's injury cites info from an
interview with Levy after Thursday's practice.  I don't know
why ESPN would have any fresh information between Thursday
afternoon and that evening when they broadcast that "Kelly
may not practice on Monday."  My guess is that both the
article I posted and ESPN's report are based on the same
interview with Levy.  I heard Levy's press conference (at
least most parts of it) on NPR Thursday afternoon.  Basically
he said that they will not practice Kelly until he has
medical clearance and that won't be known until after his
conditioning work is completed.  So...it just looks like
ESPN interpreted that fact negatively (or pessimistically).
I took it to just be factual.  I don't think you can view it
pessimistically since Kelly is right on schedule with respect
to his recuperation.  In any case, it is often the case that
injured players miss some practice leading up to a game (in
some instances all the practice sessions) even though they
start.  So long as Kelly gets 3 or so days practice, I'd be
willing to bet they start him.  Even if he gets less, I bet
they start him provided he's having no problem with the knee
by game time.  However, Levy will NOT start Kelly if there is
any question about his medical fitness to start (by way of
medical staff recommendations).  The game plan will be the
same regardless of whether Kelly or Reich is the starter.