For Fantasy Football check out "Fantasy Football '98 " for Windows

For Fantasy Football check out "Fantasy Football '98 " for Windows

Post by Jim » Thu, 06 Aug 1998 04:00:00

My Family and I have been playing Fantasy Football going onto 4 years now.  Me,
the wife, and my 2 boys.  We have a Trophy that gets updated yearly with the new
Champion on it.  We've had a great time playing BUT!!!!  I've yet to WIN!!!  The
first year my wife won, that hurt!   The next year my youngest son, 8 yrs old at
the time won.  He was followed by his older brother who was 12 when he won.
THIS YEAR IS GONNA BE MY YEAR!!!  I mean hey, I know more about football than
any of them, right?   I can only hope!

I use software by "***Sports Fantasy Sports by PAS Software."  I've found that
"FANTASY FOOTBALL '98"  is easy to use.  If you subscribe, to the Stat Service
They Email you the stats every week to easily load into your database.  After
you subscribe to the service and download the application they send you a
password witch allows you to load the data.  Two years ago my PC crashed not
once but twice.  I had to re-download Fantasy Football '98.  I needed a new
password for the newly downloaded application.  So I emailed their support with
my problem along with my name and address...    A short time later I got a new
password for the newly downloaded software.  Then it all happened again.
Luckily they came through for me again.  All that with no extra cost of course.

I save all emails (stats) from PAS Software in case I mess something up, but if
needed, they have all of the previous weeks stats on their site for download.

I highly recommend you goto their site and check it out yourself.
Their site address for the Fantasy Football '98 is
http://www.***  Along with the Stats you also get weekly
injury reports to help you with your player selections.

The applications is FREE. The app is fully functional. You can do the stats by
hand if you like although they and I recommend the stat service. It is so much

They stated that stat subscriptions will remain at $60 this year if ordered
before Sept 1.  I don't think that's bad at all considering how many months of
entertainment me and my family get out of it.

I don't have a need for it, but Fantasy Football '98 can also be used on a LAN
at your job if permitted by your Boss that is.