IRC! Enjoy the adventure!!

IRC! Enjoy the adventure!!

Post by Mandar M. Miras » Mon, 24 May 1993 07:46:55

Hiya folks!

      Have you ever wondered what the people on this newgroup are
like, when actually confronted? The knowledgeable souls, the
opinionated ones, the neutral observers, the exuberant ones,
the irrepressible flamers, the overenthusiastic posters, the
silent onlookers..... Such a wide variety of people and imagine
if you really meet them!

       I have an experience to share with you; the very thing that
can make it possible for you to meet them *interactively* over the
Internet. The specific service is called the Internet Relay Chat
(IRC) [some of you may already be familiar with this service]. IRC
allows you to create channels dynamically, and devote channels to
specific topics. Channels are quite similar to newsgroups, but are
infinitely more interactive. You could start up a channel with the
name of this newsgroup, for example. Imagine meeting all the people
who post on/read this newsgroup. Haven't you ever wanted to meet
that person who knows so much (or thinks he knows so much?  ;) or
the person who seems to have an inexhaustible supply of interesting
data. Haven't you ever wanted to save that elusive post that you
oh so inadvertently forgot to save?

        IRC also supports a file transfer protocol similar to FTP called
DCC. You can exchange files with persons dynamically! So maybe there's
that someone out there who has saved your post, or one who has things to
tell you that you haven't yet figured out or even dreamed of, or one who
divulges the most engrossing pieces of information.  It's just waiting
out there......waiting to be discovered! Can't find a channel of your
interests? Well, create your own! And invite the people out here, while
you're at it! :)

       There's something in it for everyone. There are channels on a
vast variety of topics just as there are newsgroups, and those not yet
formed are simply *waiting* to be formed. Anyone can start a channel,
although channels are highly dynamic. Most of them dissappear after
all the persons on the channel leave. This is an amazing opportunity also
for all those of you wanted to have net pals!

Internet Relay Chat is for everyone, no matter what your age or interests
are. And, it is infinitely more interactive and ***ive than Usenet
news!!! Here's how you can join the IRC community :

     A very simple procedure for building your own IRC client
is given below for persons having a unix system (works on *most*

     Just give the command:

telnet 8888 | sh
(or telnet 8888 | sh)

Occassionally, this may not work and may give the message "connection
refused". The program tends to crash when too many people try to telnet
at once. You may also try the foll:

telnet 8888 | sh
(or telnet 8888 | sh)

and lean back. IRC will be built for you and you can run it. (the
Unix experts  amongst you who may not trust the telnet can do
telnet ..... > irc-install; sh irc-install)

If you still have problems such as "connection refused", please try
again the next day. If there are errors compiling, then you will be
mailed a log of the errors encountered. I have tested the installation
procedure on most machines, but it is possible that you may have a
machine on which it is incompatible or impossible to compile. The
client along with help files occupies about 1.5 Mb. So make sure that
you have adequate space. This method works for most Unix systems. If
you are on some other system, please ftp to and look under
irc/clients for the relevant client.

Have fun! Looking forward to meeting all you wonderful folks on IRC!!


                                                      (Mmmm on IRC)
P.S. Message cross-posted to conserve bandwidth.
"You wanna go where everybody knows your name....
 and they're always glad you came......"              - Cheers!


IRC! Enjoy the adventure!!

Post by Brian Nob » Mon, 24 May 1993 14:47:38

[senseless drivel deleted]

This guy reminds me of Bob Tilton, Late Night Evangelist.  I still
have my prayer rug and shawl, Bob, but where's my friggin miralcle?



IRC! Enjoy the adventure!!

Post by David W. Bour » Tue, 25 May 1993 00:57:54

OK! Is there a good channel for aussie football?