Compare and contrast

Compare and contrast

Post by John Roge » Sun, 10 Feb 2002 13:58:11

Atlanta Olympic opening ceremonies: multi-cultural pap... best effort
to avoid any mention of American heritage or culture... Olympic flame
lit by the very symbol of BAD sportsmanship, arrogance, and

Salt Lake City Olympic opening ceremonies: a beautiful CELEBRATION of
American heritage, history, and melting-pot culture... Olympic flame
lit by what could be argued as the BEST symbol of what team-play and
sportsmanship are all about.

Way to go Salt Lake City... you did good!

(OBTW... War Eagle!!!)

John M. Rogers
AU Class of 1985
The Al Del Greco of Atlanta

"Gonna be lotsa days when you lay your guts on the line
and you come up just a little bit short. Ain't a damn
thing you can do about it but get up and do it again...
and again... and again."
                          - Coach Pat Dye,
                            Auburn University

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