Colorado Should Be #1 ????

Colorado Should Be #1 ????

Post by STIM » Fri, 05 Dec 1997 04:00:00

I thought it would be fun to look at a preseason poll that I had and
compare it to what's happening now.

1. Colorado - Now unranked, Current record is 5-6, Season is
over....hopefully all those Colorado fans discovered the Neihesil
drinking game shortly before or after the UM game......keep it around
you may need it for next year also.

2. Penn State - Now ranked 12, Current record is 9-2, if they don't
see another Michigan team for the next ten years it will be too
soon....over rated and blown out twice.

3. Florida - Now ranked 8, Current record is 9-2, started out very
strong, limped to the finish line until they got FSU.....should of
lost those two games at the start of the season your record would be
more impressive....hey to UCLA.

4. Washington - Now ranked 22, Current record 7-4, if they have anyone
else get hurt the local high school team is going to have to play in
their place.

5.  FSU - Now ranked 4, Current record 10-1, very strong this year
only hiccup to Florida....looks like this poll got it right

6. Tenn - Now ranked 3, Current record 10-1, very good year and
probably has the Heismann winner.

7.  OSU - Now ranked 10, Current record 10-2, has had a very good year
when everyone thought this would just be a rebuilding year....they are
going to be very good for the next couple of years.

8. North Carolina - Now ranked 5, Current record 10-1, a good year
NC...i still think they are over rated but they do have 10 wins and
that has to count for something.

9. Nebraska - Now ranked 2, Current record 11-0, looks like the
huskers were over looked at the start of the year....but here they are
with a shot at another MNC.

10. LSU - Now ranked 16, Current record 8-3, got whipped by a mediocre
ND team...I thought they would do better, especially with those
running backs.

11. Notre Dame - Now unranked, Current record 7-5, OVER RATED, have
you figured out why Purdue couldn't score points for so long....see
your Offensive Coordinator...I know Purdue was happy to see him
go...they now have a offense that can score points, but hey you have a
very impressive win against a Hawaii team that is 3-9 and 1-7 in the
WAC...go bowl, we aren't impressed

12.  Syracuse - Now ranked 15, Current record is 9-3, everyone thought
they should of done better, but they had their usual let down.

13. Texas - Now unranked, Current record is 4-7, Season
least they had a great running back, but now they won't even have that
and no coach yet...doesn't look like its going to get any
you guys get to see a lot of Colorado games?? If so see the Neihesel
Drinking game...if not just invent one for're going to
need it.

14. Miami - Now unranked, Current record is 5-6, Season over....see
Texas and Colorado....invest in drinking games.

15. Alabama - Now unranked, Current record is 4-7, Season over....see
Miami, Texas, Colorado

16. Michigan - Now ranked 1, Current record 11-0, One win from no respect in polls...what a defense....will probably only
lose two players on D....Woodson and Steel

17. Stanford - Now unranked, Current record 5-6, Season
least they beat ND

18. Michigan State - Now unranked, Current record 7-4, was kicking
***and taking names until they went on a four game losing
streak....kicked the ***out of PSU, and beat up on ND....looks like
their program is turning around for the better.

19. Auburn - Now ranked 11, Current record 9-2, doing better than
people expected

20. USC - Now unranked, Current record 6-5, was hoping for a better
year...but they did beat ND

21. Clemson - Now unranked, Current record 7-4, has had a good season,
but I think their fans were hoping for more.....

22. Kansas State - Now ranked 9, Current record 10-1, has a great
record, only lose to Nebraska, doing better than people expected.

23. Colorado State - Now ranked 18, Current record 9-2, playing for
WAC championship, having a great year again.

24. ***ia Tech - Now unranked, Current record 7-4, I think their
fans were hoping for more...but a good season anyway.

25. Northwestern - Now unranked, Current record 5-7, Season over,
there are only so many miracles that Barnett can perform...especially
when he's going to the bathroom all the least he isn't