N.A Contacts for Siberian Distance Swimmer?

N.A Contacts for Siberian Distance Swimmer?

Post by Lynn Marsha » Tue, 30 May 1995 04:00:00

I received this request from Siberia.  I have sent Vladimir the list
of long distance swims for August and September.  If anyone has any
further suggestions or names for him to contact, please let me or
Vladimir know.


Dear Lynn Marshall,

A possibility has come to obtain a fund for a journey to America to
participate in an open water swim event.  Our prize winner, she-polar-bear
Tonya Rakcheev, age 42, can swim 8 and more hours in cold water.
She has set a woman's record (3.5 hour) in our annual 34-km
Divnagorsk-Krasnoyarsk swim at water temperature 12C.
We'd like to delegate her to be our first swimmer abroad.

Would you be so kind to advise us whom, you think, we may contact in
America on the subject of taking part in a swim competition held in
August-September this year?

It would be also good if they have age groups for amateur swimmers, and cool

Sincerely yours, Vladimir Pavlov, President, Club "Cryophile", Siberia