Chinese Officials Concede

Chinese Officials Concede

Post by Jaja Din D » Sat, 03 Dec 1994 04:50:22

In the San Jose Mercury News today, there was a report that Chinese
officials have conceded that 11 athletes, including 7 swimmers, tested
positive at the Asian Games in October.  They have distanced themselves
from the situation, saying that it was the result of individuals and not a
systematic, government funded program.

Whatever it is, it seems that somethings is definitely afoot.  I had
previously stood to say that the Chinese should be considered innocent
until proven guilty.  Well I now feel that there is ample evidence to say
that many of the Chinese performances over the past year were probably drug

So for those of you who are prone to flaming the Chinese in this group,
here is your opportunity.  Please try to be tactful though.

What they spend in the life of this (material) world may be likened to a
wind which brings a nipping frost: it strikes and destroys the harvest of
men who have wronged their own souls; it is not Allah that hath wronged
them but they wrong themselves.