steroids/US Open

steroids/US Open

Post by RAYMO » Sun, 12 Dec 1993 01:28:17

: The U.S. Open held December 2-4 in Ann Arbor was a short course meters meet.
: Only a few American records (no world records) were set.  Those I remember
: include Eric Namesnik (400 IM), Kristine Quance (200 brst), and Alecia
: Humphrey (100? back).  I'll post the results within a few days.              
: e-mail

-Anybody know of television dates for broadcast of the US Open? I know
-I'm not the only one who enjoys seeing the... at least severely edited
-version of any national race...

Sorry to say Kevin but the races were broadcast live last Saturday with
some taped stuff from the previous two days. It was shown at 5:00 pm, and
I'm not sure if they will show the races again. By the way, if you didn't
see the races you missed a chance to see me up close, I was the guy in
lane 4 in the 100 back final. I think I even hit the camera man once or
twice he was so close to me.

Back to the steroid issue:

I thought I saw a posting about Angel Myers/Martino. She was caught red
handed for steroids and she said it was birth control pills. If you don't
know I am VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY (etc.) against people who take
performance enhancing ***. IMHO these people should be BANNED FOR LIFE
with NO chance of EVER competing again. As for Angel, she would have to
have taken over 200 to 250 birth control pills to achieve the reading
that she did when she tested positive. I'm sorry, she is guilty and it is
a joke (pulled by her) that she is still allowed to swim and hold records
and make teams. She sure made sure that she was never going to get
pregnant at trials in 1988.
                               Raymond Brown